Who is Taylor Edmiston and what does he do anyway?



I'm a software engineer experienced in full stack development (with a focus on backend), distributed systems, and very experienced in Python. I also enjoy architecture and system design, refactoring, code quality, and automation. I offer software development services via my company with expertise in creating web apps, APIs, etc.



I value open-source software and the opportunities it creates to learn and build products faster. My professional code is predominantly private, though I am exploring opportunities to be able to share more of it. From time to time I share my code for small projects and utilities I've created.


I also occasionally contribute to collective blogs.


The past five years in startups have been a whirlwind — here are some metrics and observations from my journey so far.

Wrote code for startups in top accelerators

I've done software development for startups graduating from three top accelerator programs: AngelPad, Techstars, and The Brandery.

According to the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project, these are some of the best accelerators in the world. As a startup, getting into one is highly competitive. Working for startups through several top accelerators is a unique experience from how each accelerator's style and focus become embedded in the company's DNA.

Top 20% on Stack Overflow

I'm in the top 20% all time on Stack Overflow having reached over 750k fellow software developers.

Top 1% on Codewars

On one of the most popular sites for programming puzzles, Codewars, I've reached the top 1% overall by completing hundreds of kata challenges created by programmers worldwide.

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