My custom workflows for

Workflow is a visual programming language for iOS to create powerful automated workflows. The workflows are basically mini apps, like the iPhone equivalent of building short scripts.

Workflow includes a standard library of actions like opening a URL in Safari or saving a file to Dropbox. Their app was acquired by Apple in 2017 and subsequently made free.

Update - June 2018: Workflow is now integrated into iOS 12 as Shortcuts. The workflow code should all still work the same.

My Workflows

I've built a variety of workflows, big and small, to simplify problems that are otherwise tedious to accomplish on an iPhone.

  1. Parking - Save & recall where you parked in a parking garage.

  2. Smart Time - Calculate the time it takes to walk or drive to a common destination and notify someone when you'll arrive.

  3. Brush Teeth - A 2-minute timer for brushing your teeth that pulses every 30 seconds to switch quadrants.

  4. Clipboard New Tab - Open a new tab in Safari from the URL on the clipboard in one tap. Useful for apps like Instagram that don't support normal ways of breaking out of the app into a browser.

  5. HN - One tap access to Hacker News.

More Info

You can find a good introduction to Workflow in Identifying Opportunities for Automation and more info in the Workflow Docs. There's also a community repo of workflows on GitHub.