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Who is Taylor Edmiston and what does he do anyway?



I'm a software engineer experienced in full stack development (with a focus on backend), distributed systems, and very experienced in Python. I also enjoy architecture and system design, refactoring, code quality, and automation. I offer software development services via my company with expertise in creating web apps, APIs, etc.



I value open-source software and the opportunities it creates to learn and build products faster. My professional code is predominantly private, though I am exploring opportunities to be able to share more of it. From time to time I share my code for small projects and utilities I've created.


Besides my main blog, I occasionally contribute to some collective blogs as well.


The past several years in startups have been a whirlwind — here are a few accomplishments from my experiences so far.

Wrote code for startups in top accelerators

I've done software development for startups graduating from 3 top accelerator programs: AngelPad, Techstars, and The Brandery.

Per the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project, these are some of the best accelerators in the world. As a startup, getting into any one is a highly competitive process. Working for several that went through different top accelerators is a unique experience because each accelerator has a different style and focus which become embedded in the company's DNA.

Top 25% on Stack Overflow

I'm in the top 25% all time on Stack Overflow where I've had the impact to reach 500k fellow software developers. My top answers are mostly on Python and CSS.

Taylor Edmiston on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow impact

Top 1% on Codewars

On one of the most popular programming puzzle sites, Codewars, I've reached the top 1% overall by completing kata challenges competing with programmers worldwide.

Taylor Edmiston on Codewars

Codewars stats

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